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Yong songs in this album are so rich of diverse feelings like a rainbow different colors.
A special touch from him.
Wow~ I'm really impressed.
I've just checked lyrics for both songs, it's really like the feeling it gives to me at first listening.
I always say this it's not only the words, the lyrics that makes you love the song.
For me it's the feeelings he pours in it.
No lyrics can give to you the feelings.
No need to read or understand, it's not about ears even though you hear||| I'm really afraid you can't get what I mean.
When I'm listening to Yong songs I want to feel what he pours in it.
He expresses his feelings that's why it catches my heart.
Without feelings words are only words.
No one can catch my heart like Yong, from debut it's like that and it grows deeper.

This is what I felt at first listening.

Lonely Night makes me shed tears and have goosebumps.
It gives me so deep feelings, so touching that I can't describe.
I still can't say if it's about a woman, or something else but it breaks me into tears after reading lyrics
(NB : Deep feelings are sensations that you get right in the heart. It's a feeling that is so strong that it just overcomes any other feeling inside of you. The feelings are able to control your emotions, they make you cry, whether with pleasure or sorrow, they make you believe. They really are sometimes indescribable." via Make-me-blue)
Also, the music sounds are beautiful although I'm not music pro but a fan with a wide music knowledge
Wow~ wanna hear this song in concert.
Must be really great.
Haaa I'm not the patient type to wait but will have to wait.

I will wish for my firends and I that we will be able to hear this song in con soon. Please please please I make this wish on this shooting star Hope it will work this year I need it I want it so bad. I'm tired to wait!!!

Angel is sweet feeling like Honey.
It gives me the feeling of warmth on rainy days or snowing days like a souvenir of having fun on a summer day when the sun warms your skin and you feel really good, really happy, really great, really happy like this cause life is wonderful.


Yong voice spreads in the body and warms the heart.
A song to listen every day which will give the feeling of beautiful days, of happiness, rainbow like I see him.
The feeling is so good, really good.
Can feel his love in it.

It's really surprising and enchanting to see how much touches he can pour in his songs on the same album. I wonder how much time he took to compose them.

Yong I wish you the best with this album.

Be Great Yong!!!


So proud of you Yong!!!

Read and spread please. Thanks

Via Just_JYH ·
정용화에 대한 소속사 FNC의 차별에 반대합니다. (동참사이트 추가 New Fansite Added to our Petition against FNC's Discrimination) http://justjyh.com/xe/notice/174900

Please read and spread. Thanks

Via Just_JYH ·
Petition to End All Discriminatory Actions by FNC against Jung Yonghwahttp://justjyh.com/xe/notice/174902http://i.imgur.com/NMlQppQ.jpg

via 정용화 갤러리 JungYongHwa @JYHgallery
DC Jung Yong Hwa Gallery with United JYH fan sites issued a statement demanding improvement for continuous unfair treatments against JYH
Petition to End All Discriminatory Actions by FNC against Jung Yonghwa -Birthday Edition- http://i.imgur.com/NMlQppQ.jpg #정용화#jUNGYONGHWA #KPOP

You know what it is ?
A human being heart.
It's really little, don't you think ?

But it's wide enough to contain enough love to love all the beings on the earth human or animal.
I thought I knew all the kind of sufferings because one after one, time heals all the stabs in it.
But when it heals a scar is still there and each time it is stabbed again they become one big scar and in a year when you have one after another they are too much.
This one more time makes you suffer like all were one big stab.
It hurts really really bad and all the little ones that come again and again because this is life and life teaches you all its lessons even if you're down, even if your heart is a big hole and that you can't put anymore the parts together cause they don't exist anymore.
You think as you're used to it, that you will deal with it like usual.
But you can't anymore.

In less than a year I was stab more than 70 times some hurt to the point I cried and erased the people who hurt me from my TL and don't want to talk to them anymore even if they do it.
Some not because some you helped in the past you were linked as family and some not, the more you enter people intimacy the more you care about them and might get hurt.

Pema Chödrön a buddhist nun says

"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know ».

I've learned my lesson now and will never do this again for people who can't understand what the word family means to people like him, like me.

To YongHye, YongSeo couples addict you ask me why I hate you ? Why I was like this ?

How can I be indifferent to what you do each time ?

I don't want you to change about the fact you love for both sides your couple, this is your way of loving him. You have the right to love him like this, in a different way than mine.

What I can't bare is the way you fight together each time for no reason.
Why can't you both love him the way you love him without putting him down like you do ?

You don't see him suffer from it ?

Each time you hurt one or another girl you pushed him into despair don't you see him ?
Can't you feel his heart ?
Are you aware of this ? D
id you even check this ?
I shared all the pics with the #cnblue #CantStop and saw it.
His roller coaster mood I don't like this !
It's heart breaking!!
Take a look at the pics and see :

I'm not judging you.
I did the same. I hate you because you hurt him.

YongHye and yongSeo you can do this for him don't you ?
If you really love him and care about him do it please I beg of you.

Can't we live there together even if we have different way to love him ?
Love him like he loves us, each of us in our way without putting him into despair ?

He said before boice is family. Does a family act like we did ?
You see I put myself in it! If I can do it you can do it.

He said I can't stop loving you! Even if we hurt him when hurting both girls, and I hurt too because I hate both of couple addicts.

He can't anymore, don't you see this ?

I know you saw it!
One of you said it in her TL and I understood that you love him with the same heart than mine but in a different way.

Each time your hurt one or other girl you stab his heart remember we're his family he gives to us this to put us close to his heart.

Do you want to be the one who will stab one more time ?
And be the reason he will fall and won't be able to stand up again. He is not Superman, you know ? Like us he is a human being.
Stars are under a lot of pressure, you are aware of this.
Yong more than any other else because he is like that he worries for us, for everyone.
Please understand what I write to you now.

He still thinks about protect his fans when he said that he didn't want to show to his fans his pain we were 3 at same time to write it "but Yong you know we see it" Applerella in thaï, Pageintheborrow in english and me in french.

Do you understand what does this mean ? If we can see you must have seen too!
Instead you were fighting to say what he said is true or false, that he was a liar.

Take a look :
@mariej1000 Mar 7
Love him 4himself #씨엔블루 "@flowerjyh goshhh...they were so persistent,..... just let him alone!!ㅠㅠ__ㅠㅠ https://twitter.com/flowerjyh/status/441735649297592322/photo/1" ♥♥♥ #CantStop

Why didn't you notice he said rumors are scary can't you love your couple and stop fighting? It will help him heal his heart. I bet you didn't notice he said he was deeply in love with a girl when he was trainee, I bet you didn't count on your fingers since when this man is suffering like a crazy without telling us about his pain. Why would you add to this pain and the other ones, one more stab in his heart?

If you love him YongHye stop saying things that show disrespect towards the other gal only then you will help him.
Please act like a family towards this man who cares about you like his family and loves you with all his heart.

If you love him YongSeo, stop saying things that show disrespect towards the other gal only then you will help him.
Please act like a family towards this man who cares about you like his family and loves you with all his heart.

He has so much to deal with can we stop all our fuss and act like a family even if we are all different please

Elf SUJU fandom puts themselves all together to fight against a decision to change their color of fandom can we fight together to help this man we love on his feet ? He needs our help can we be one for once ? which family will do what we did to him ? He has so much haters even among boice you're biased too can we at least be linked by the love we show to him in our different ways ?

I've done this before BPeCPcgCEAA113R

Please I beg of you, he can't anymore and you can see it !
Stop the stab in his heart, I stop I promise him not to hate anymore and don't follow me not because I hate you but because I was so badly hurt that time I won't follow anymore now it's too painful to be hurt like crazy that your eyes are that puffy that you can't open them anymore. I stop follow people if you do I won't block you like before I let you in because I know you will read and take the good decision not for me because I'm a fan who loves him like he loves me, like he loves you, each one of us.

Thank You all of you to respect this beautiful angel who cares so much about us that even if he is suffering still think about hiding it to us.
Do not share this in TL he has his account there.
It's not to create war just read and do what your heart tells you to do.
Do not hurt anymore at least we can do this as Yong fans, even separated by the way we love him we can be as one because the person we love is the same.
Thanks to let it incognito here. The purpose isn't to point you but to help him all together with our own way to love him.

PS: after I hate all of you two times or more I decided in front of him to try my best not to stab his heart with hate I make a promise to him not to hate anymore for him to be healed. I want him with the smile the laugh that I knew before he no longer has this and if I could stuck all the pieces of his heart alone I will do it but I can't it's not only me it's us. We did it together for YongHwa ya Hymnae, again for Can't Stop promote. Let's do it again for him !

The only one to bow like this immediately to us to say "Thank you, I love you with your help I succeed".


No more hate, no more wars as Yong fans. Please.
Let's help him together each one in our way and like he said Just Music !

Shine bright and high


I wouldn't chose the path you have chose Yong, to accept to give your support and help to your company who hurts you but I will give my support to you in all the choices you make.

I love you my star unconditionally, passionately and I'm proud to know you.
You still surprise me each time.

〷◠‿◠〷 Thank you for being you.

This song from Beyonce keeps on "bumping" in my head each time I think about Yong and I'm so touched by it.

This year my Shining Star I pray and have faith I will see you shine more brighter and achieve your dreams.
You're a real artist a great one "une pointure" in french.

"Remember those walls I built
Well baby they're tumbling down
And they didn't even put up a fight
They didn't even make a sound
I found a way to let you in
But I never really had a doubt
Standing in the light of your halo
I've got my angel now

It's like I've been awakened
Every rule I had you breakin'
It's the risk that I'm takin'
I ain't never gonna shut you out

Everywhere I'm looking now
I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see your halo
You know you're my saving grace
You're everything I need and more
It's written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won't fade away

I can feel your halo, halo, halo
I can see your halo, halo, halo
I can feel your halo, halo, halo
I can see your halo, halo, halo

Hit me like a ray of sun
Burning through my darkest night
You're the only one that I want
Think I'm addicted to your light
I swore I'd never fall again
But this don't even feel like fallin'
Gravity can't forget
To pull me back to the ground again

It's like I've been awakened
Every rule I had you breakin'
The risk that I'm takin'
I'm never gonna shut you out

Everywhere I'm looking now
I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see you halo
You know you're my saving grace
You're everything I need and more
It's written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won't fade away

I can feel your halo, halo, halo
I can see your halo, halo, halo
I can feel your halo, halo, halo
I can feel your halo, halo, halo
I can see your halo, halo, halo
I can feel your halo, halo, halo
Halooooo ouuuu
Halooooo ouuuu
Halooooo ouuuu
Ouuuuu ouuuuu ouuuuu

Everywhere I'm looking now
I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see you halo
You know you're my saving grace
You're everything I need and more
It's written all over you face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won't fade away

I can feel your halo, halo, halo
I can see your halo, halo, halo
I can feel your halo, halo, halo
I can see your halo, halo, halo

I can feel your halo, halo, halo
I can see your halo, halo, halo
I can feel your halo, halo, halo
I can see your halo, halo, halo




I will first tell you something, if you had really love him for himself as a human being not as a star and doing what you do till the end of that show (I had never watched it), you would have done do a research on internet instead of saying stupidity,

1/ find the information first,

2/ cross search to see if it's true

3/ count the difference on your finger between 4 and 6

then talk because all you want is to reap benefice from this : fame, attention I will explain to you more like I'm the only one to know this or that you see what I mean (I know you will read this).

Do your own investigation before saying this, that's why I don't like you nor can't bear your attitude

You spread rumor here and there.

If you don't know, what is the purpose of spreading this ? Attention seeker.

Please start by learn a little more about him and his family.
Learn a lot about him and you will love him for himself.


I don't have time to see if it's all true but at least you have your answer.

Your attitude simply is like kids


and I'm like him towards all the stupidity you reveal each day

Do you think before you talk ?


Love is to know everything about the person you love and to want to know more about what he loves and hates.

Love is to protect the person you love and to do everything in order to protect him.
Love is to think about this :

"If I say this or that, if I do this or that will he be hurt by it ?"

Love is to think "I don't want to be the one who hurts him"

In other words he before me.

Hope you understand this for once.

If what you feel towards him have something to do with love you will know all what he dislikes.

What you are doing is a part of it. :(

My Chronicle of this year 2013 with Yong

@CNBLUE_4 용왕자

It is hard for me to write this to you and moreover today.

But I've decided to tell you before I saw it.

My star 정용화, today is the last day of the year.
In my country, when your year comes to an end, you make a review of what it was, and you clean all the bad memories to get a new start for the New Year which comes at midnight today when I will shout in the streets :

"Happy New Year To Yal!!!"

Bonne Anée

I want to tell you :

Thank You


big 90° bow cause of all that happened during this year was thanks to you Dear Shining Star.

I've learnt to hate those who hurt you, then to forgive them, I'm still on my way to forget, it's hard.

I've learnt to Love You More Than Me My Shining Star.

I didn't know before you, what is the meaning of being a fan.
Some may call me fanatic and I don't mind nor don't care.
I like music before this year but have never had this feeling of a touch like a caress to my soul, of being healed with music,like you fall in a deep hole and get up again each time finding the way out thanks to a gentle hand which helped you get out of it.

When you sing I feel like this My Shining Star, each time I'm sad and when I have to face hardship, I listen to your voice and it's like you push me in the back and tell me get up and start again.

I've learnt to cry for you and pray that my tears will heal you.
I've learnt to ask for rain wherever you find yourself when you're sad.

I've learnt how to feel something is wrong because what I see is not with my physical eyes but with the eyes of my heart even if I've not seen the news written already.
For the first time, I've learnt to love someone I've never seen in real life : You my shining Star.

I've learnt how to stand for someone else than me.

Before this year I never knew all of this, I had never lived, nor felt this.

I've learnt what it means to be your fan, I loved you before but not with that intensity, to the extend of asking to share your sorrow and taking the blame for you, asking God to reduce your amount of pain and that He gives this amount of pain to me instead .

I've learnt to know for who I want to fight, to remember who was the one who gave his love to me through music and whose feeling went through my heart, broke all the walls I've build, rescued me at that time and brought me to life again.

I've learnt to live cause during this year with you cause :

Hate, Anger and ... but moreover Love is : To be Alive.

Thanks for this Yong.

I can't say that I enjoyed all those moments during this year, those when you were hurt I still can't watch some videos nor some pics without shedding tears.
But I can tell you with no doubts that I don't hate anymore the people who had hurt you .

I told you previously, I'm still on my way, it takes time, and I decided to do all I can to give my support to my Shining Star because of my unconditional love for you, my love beyond measure for you. You are a treasure for me and I want to give you all I can to help you to reach your dream.

I'm a person really picky when it comes to music. I've grown up in a family who loves to play music and I have this in my genes.

It's really hard to please my ears, you succeed in it.
The most important part My Shining Star is that you are able to make me feel music, live music with passion that's why

You Are My Shining Star
and that drawing is really something that comes from the bottom of my heart


the same goes to the surname I give to you


Yong You Are The Best !!!

See you for a fresh start in 2014.
I know this isn't for you the beginning of the year but I will still say to you



Yong Thank you for your update.
I was expected for another pic to change my DP please puppy eyes.
kk yeah I'm greedy.

Your update always come at the right time.

You're so sweet thank you for being you, for being there for me.

You're the Best Shining Star ♪

Today is like Christmas for me I've listen to your songs.
I'm glad I can have them in upload on ITunes even in France for once.
You makes my day today!!!
You're amazing you're voice with korean lyrics transforms the songs,they sound like new songs.

he is like blooms
I always listen to WTYO in my car thanks to Miyu Chan, a great Yong's fans from Japan.
Yah I'm happy thanks to you I've friends all over the world.

Thank You
Easy to forget the past when it hurts but it's not like that, you grow.
Facing all the hardships with tears, shouts, tantrums, regrets, .... then joy because you get out of there. Human beings aren't robots.

When you get out of there is when you understand:


When you understand that looking behind will lead you nowhere, you will get hurt ... unless you're maso, you won't like to do it again.

That is growing for the better.
Learn from your past.
Don't hide yourself behind "it's one's or another's fault."

Look at your past, ask yourself :

"what I've done, where does it lead me?"
"Why does it still hurt ?"
"Can I change it ?"

If no, pass your way, go ahead !!
If you can't change it, turn the page to read the other pages.

The way you react to what hurts is the important thing.
If you kept on looking behind you can't see what is in front of you.
Your life is better when you start to let go of the thing (or the person) that hurted you and is still hurting you.
Don't let it hurt you anymore, master the thing that hurts.

I learnt it.
I don't say it won't hurt you when something else will come in your way but you've learnt how to get out of big things like that.
You won't let it hurt you anymore, you'll keep your distance to the things that may hurt you again.

I can remember it all.

I don't want to do like this in order
to say I'm right you're wrong.

"I'm not a coward, I'm not a weak man"


My heart still remembers it all and that's the Only thing that is important.

I'm proud of you Yong, proud to be your fan !

There is no standard for it.
Why should I stuck to someone's standard because the person wants it ?

I'm like that !

I love you the way I love you with My personality, My passion, My worries, My tears, My sadness, My sorrows, My joys, My pains.... My own feelings, My own thoughts, My own actions without being influenced by others' opinions nor trying to give mines only the facts that I discover. Even if I tell my opinion because I'm like that when it hurts you, I will get angry. It's my own cachet !!!

If some don't like, I dun mind nor dun care !!!

Why couldn't I ?
Why couldn't I throw a tantrum if I want ?

We live in democracy.

I've the right to do and say the things I want to do or say !

Forgot it?

I'm french !
Nobody on earth can tell me don't do this or don't say that !!!

If you don't like what you're reading just close the page !

THIS is Your freedom, Mine is to write what I want to say !!!

Life teaches me to do what is in my heart, not in my brain.
Therefore I always live and take decisions with what is in my heart.

No one in earth will be able to change this !!

I learn to do what is the most important for me to give my support to you with all I can, to love you because that will never, never, never change.


That man is more than all you can imagine!

You still don't get how he managed to come from that.

Big bow for him.


I'm still learning
I won't change my heart Yong, never in my life I will say to you it's to hard to give my support to you because I suffer alot for you an I let you down or change my bias.
You are the one that I love.

It's hard to suffer like this without an end because of the greedy of your boss.
It's not my suffering which hurts me but yours.
I see it in your eyes, in your attitude, and it makes me cry again and again. My heart aches each time and I cry alone or with a friend we talk in DM because you might see and we don't want you to see it because you worry about us. Is this the best way to act I'm not sure about it. I don't have the answer.
I wish I could suffer alone it will be good but you suffer too.
I can't stand this anymore. I can stand to see you like this.
I'm afraid you'll be hurt if I say something.

It's been a while that I can post a comment about the pics HELLOJYH share with us. I watch them and cry. I try to do like I didn't see but how can I forget it?

I suffer in my heart like it's me he's hurting, in my soul because yours is so pure, an angel.
I still don't get why he is doing this to you.
But it's ok,even if tears fall down my cheeks I will always do that for you.
Even if I look like a fool I will do this for you.
If it can heal you I'm ok to suffer for you if I can take the pain on your behalf I'm ok with that.
I ask God that it rains for you each time you are sad and each time you're sad it rains to heal your heart.
You know why because you said it and though I don't love rain not because it's cold but because it's wet and it goes through the clothes and then through the whole body. It ices my whole body and I can't' be warmed up after it or it takes long time for me to be warm.

It's insidious.

I know you love rain I'd rather like snow, cause even if it's cold it doesn't go through the clothes, if you take care of your hands and your feet, you don't get wet, you don't catch cold.
What I love is the way it gives the same colour and shape to all, I always smile when snow falls but when rain falls I'm really unhappy.


Your boss is like that, all he does to you is insidious.

trempée" target="_blank">http://</a>

Sorry ma boy I hide it from you for too long now and it's not going to end it seems.

Mian Yong. If I could take the pain, the blame it will be great only to see this, your true you that is inside you come back again, cause he is still there I know it.
Don't let that man defines who you are Yong?
Don't let fans define who you are.
You are you Jeong Yong Hwa, not a product of Fnc nor a product of fans.

I love you like that what can I do ?


I will pray till you find your way out of the post-scar Yong.

He is still in you.
Don't be scared !
I love you.



'Thought it was over today but no.... not yet. Write it out, cry it out .... it will be better after....
let love grow in the heart,
give my blessings....'

I dunno if I can do this you know give my blessings to you but I won't hate you anymore.

If I can't give my blessings to you, at least I won't hurt you anymore,
I will thank you.

I have to do it, that's how I have to do.

When I was struggling like a mad mind soul heart and body crushed down till the way I've wished for die and stop this all.
I've find the way out of the mess, because you find him.

I would like to thank you for this.

It's because of you that my life is full of love, full of joy, even when I cry because you're still hurting him.
Someone said that it comes again and again until you reacts the good way.

Before all this, I hated you, wanted to crush you.
I even said fortunately I didn't live in South Korea.
I wrote my anger to you, I wanted to hurt you back even if he is not doing it.
I wanted to do it on his behalf

But now I can say the way you treat others is the way you treat yourself.
I have pity for you.
I bet you don't know that.

I will explain to you why.
I'm not hating you anymore but feel really sorry for you.

You have never been loved like this.
You have never experienced love, true love.
Nobody has loved you that's why you don't know what is love.
The only thing you can see is $$$$ in his compositions because your heart is closed you don't know how to see nor receive his love.

I really feel sorry for you.
It must hurts but you need to open your heart to receive love you know ?
Even if someone has hurt you so bad that you can't see all the beauty but only the $$ in him, you must forget and forgive in order to enjoy life and love that man like he loves you.
He has experimented love, true love of his fans, the one you can make grown in your heart and on which you can relay.

You know what I do for love ?
Learn his language,
help him,
learning to draw on pc to help him find his way out,
being there for him because nobody was there for me but his songs
cry for him,
feel hurt for him,
pray that no matter where he is when he is sad that rain falls where he is to heal his heart,
wish to take the pain on his behalf,
check the weather where he is going to see if it's raining,
boycott your BN DVD for him,
learn to draw for him,
living in his time zone to have the news when they are out,
being awaken when it's time to go to bed because I want to share with others the tweet about his performances,
share with others even if I don't agree with the way you do things
and find a solution for fans who wants a ticket and doesn't talk japanese, korean language or who doesn't know where to ask for BM concert she wants to go,
I'm able to talk to her because she needs my help and to be happy with her even when tears fall down from my eyes because of the way you treats him.

All that because of love because what I want is a happy Yong on stage and happy fans who share with me their experiences later. You know how that is called not only gratefulness but

L O V E beyond measure,
the true one without asking nor willing something else in exchange.

He didn't ask me to do it, I do it because I love him.

Because of him, because of you my heart isn't broken anymore, my soul is healed.
I'm alive and don't want to die anymore.
I want to give all the love I received from him, back to him again and pour on him till I die.
I have lots of projects to help him with or without his band,
because the one who was able to do that miracle is him, no one else but him that man who touches my heart each time I feel sad, who touches my soul.


His name is Jeong Yong Hwa.

A man that you are squeezing like a lemon to make money.
But you know what?
You don't know how to love because you don't love yourself.
You only love money, but money can't buy something you need to live.
I bet you don't know what it is?

All the money you can have will never be able to give you the AIR your lungs need to breathe.

Poor you.